Stuff happening

Customer installed sporty hardtail kit.  

Shannon sent us this one of the seat we finished off for him on the bike

Elvis' shovelhead coming along in the shop.  Tins are in the works.


R&D is on the Rise...

Our talented friend Andre has been helping us out with the new riser set up.


Seats and seats

Just a few that have left


Getting there...

After a total frame re-work, new fender, seat, sissy bar, oil bag, pipes, and handle bars this dude is coming together.


New Addition!!!

There will be some good things to come of this very poor investment.  

A little Canadian Love

Thanks so much Mike for letting us do up your seat



Doug keeping it real with Justin's Shovelhead after installing dual headlamps and a new quick release king and queen seat.


Luke's Ironhead...

Is all buttoned up and gone home to Tucson


Relocate your key switch on the Pre-rubber mount Evo Sporty

 Stainless tab and mounting hardware. 
Available for purchase at haifleybrothers.com


It's a Big 'un...

Emily helps demonstrate the scale of this beautiful seat she just finished up.


Who's Ready to Boogie...

A bunch of chopper dudes are meeting up at our place at 7:30 and rolling down to the 8am rally point.
So if you're into riding choppers and stuff, come on down for some good times.


It's Alive...

First of all, thanks to everyone out there for being so patient while we fine tuned the Evo Sportster hardtail kits. It has been a painstaking process but we are very happy with the final product, and we are confident you will be too. 

The new HAIFLEYBROTHERS.COM website is up and running with everything we have available to customize your 1986-2003 Harley Davidson Sportster.


Fastlane Jim's Panhead!!

We got this one all done and ready for him to do a few months worth of hot laps 
before tearing it apart for chrome and paint.  Thanks for letting us do this one Jim.